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Machine Learning Development Services

Codersarts offers  Machine Learning services for creating the right business pathway. We have ML Experts who possess the capabilities to offer out of the box,  ML development services by using the right tools and technologies.

Our machine learning development services

GPT-3,3.5 & 4

Codersarts AI offers bespoke GPT model services, from development to deployment. We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to your business needs, including chatbots, content generators, and more.

Pre-trained model

If you are looking for help in a pre-trained model for a specific NLP task such as Hugging Face library that is suitable for your needs.

Generative AI

Codersarts AI is a team of experienced generative AI engineers who are passionate about helping clients solve their generative AI problems.

Model Training

Accelerate your ML model development with expert-led training, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and algorithms for optimal performance.


We offers services in LLMs project deployment, integration, and development. Helping clients choose the right LLM for their needs

AI Model Integration

Integrate AI models seamlessly into your workflows and applications, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance predictions, decision-making, and automation.

Technology We Work On

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Azure Databricks

Azure Custom Vision

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Form Recognizer

Azure Cognitive Search

Google Cloud Deep Learning VM Images

Azure Speech Service

Azure Bot Service

Google Cloud AI Platform

Models & Methods

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Audio Search

Audio Classification

Explore our works

Face Detection in Crowded Environments.png
Face Detection in Crowded Environments
_Gender Detection Model using Keras.png
Gender Detection Model using Keras
Custom NER Medical entities - AI Projects  Codersarts.png
Named Entity Recognition for Biomedical Text

AI & ML Project Support by Codersarts

Codersarts provides comprehensive support for your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects. Whether you're delving into preliminary data analysis or launching sophisticated AI applications, we're here to assist.

Our services range from initial Proof of Concept development to crafting production-ready tools. We prioritize excellence in every project, collaborating closely with our clients throughout the analytics journey. Our team of data scientists excels in:

  • Leading and executing projects.

  • Augmenting existing teams.

  • Offering expert external advice.

  • Meeting ongoing data science needs.


Start with a small project to experience Codersarts’ efficiency firsthand. Our proof of concept projects typically span 1-3 months, tailored to the project's scope and prediction requirements. With a 90% client retention rate post successful proof of concept, we seamlessly integrate our models into your tech infrastructure. Our expertise ensures impactful AI & ML solutions that enhance both strategic and operational decisions.

Specialized Services:

  • Proof of Concept & Algorithm Prototyping: Contemplating a specific AI or ML application? Codersarts specializes in crafting analytics solutions tailored to specific outcomes. We can narrow down broad use cases, like inventory management or customer retention, focusing on particular regions or customer segments. Our rapid insights set us apart, having addressed numerous business challenges similar to yours.

  • Innovative Solutions with Tangible Returns: Our team, with diverse backgrounds from operations research to engineering, crafts inventive solutions that merge industry standards with pioneering ideas. Whether it's advanced deep learning or traditional regression analysis, we're equipped to identify the best techniques for your project.

  • Efficiency & Value: Need help prototyping an innovative algorithm or understanding the implications of "big data" for your business? Our top-tier analytics team is ready to join forces with you, regardless of your current stage. From swift proof-of-concept runs to large-scale AI rollouts, our approach is flexible and value-driven. We also offer specialized training sessions and strategic consultations.

  • AI & ML Deployment: With the growing adoption of data science in business, effective and reliable model deployment is crucial. While algorithm design is vital, deployment demands a distinct expertise. Codersarts remains platform-neutral, proficient in various data and cloud solutions, and excels in integrating R or Python scripts into actionable reports, dashboards, or visualizations.

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