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Diagnostic Analytics In Machine Learning

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Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics takes descriptive data a step further and provides deeper analysis to answer the question: Why did this happen? Often, diagnostic analysis is referred to as root cause analysis. This includes using processes such as data discovery, data mining, and drill down and drill through.

Benefits of Diagnostic analytics

  • Using diagnostic tools will allow you to get the most out of it by translating your complex data into visualizations and insights that everyone can take advantage of. Sisense creates tools that you can use to uncover answers to your data questions and easily share insights around the company. 

  • Diagnostic analytics helps you get value out of your data by asking the right questions and making deep dives for the answers. And this requires a BI and analytics platform that’s versatile, agile, and customizable. 

Business applications of diagnostic analysis

  • A freight company investigating the cause of slow shipments in a certain region

  • A SaaS company drilling down to determine which marketing activities increased trials

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