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Data Visualization Using D3.js

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What is D3.js?

D3 stands for Data-Driven Documents. It is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Mike Bostock to create custom interactive data visualizations in the web browser using SVG, HTML and CSS.

It used in different data types of visualization:

  • Used In Bar Chart

  • Used In Bubble Chart

  • Used In Circle Packing

  • Used In Stream Graph

  • And More Others

Import D3.js libraries

<script src=''></script>

Features Of D3.js

  • Extremely flexible.

  • Easy to use and fast.

  • Supports large datasets.

  • Declarative programming.

  • Code reusability.

  • Has wide variety of curve generating functions.

  • Associates data to an element or group of elements in the html page.

D3.js Benefits

  • Great data visualization.

  • It is modular. You can download a small piece of D3.js, which you want to use. No need to load the whole library every time.

  • Easy to build a charting component.

  • DOM manipulation.

Steps to Create Real Life Application Using D3.js

  • Start a Simple Web Server

  • Prepare Page

  • Add D3 Visual

  • Add UI Elements

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