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Video Analytics In Machine Learning

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Vedio Analytics

CCTV cameras are widely used in various surveillance settings, from street corners to university campuses and even private homes. That need to analyses the captured data using vedio analytics in machine learning.

The main goal of video analytics is to automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in videos.


There are three common types of video analytics:

  • Fixed algorithm analytics

  • Artificial intelligence learning algorithms

  • Facial recognition systems

Industry Applications

  • Healthcare

  • Smart cities / Transportation

  • Retail

  • Security

How does video analytics work?

Video content analysis can be done in two different ways: in real time, by configuring the system to trigger alerts for specific events and incidents that unfold in the moment, or in post processing, by performing advanced searches to facilitate forensic analysis tasks.

Vedio Analytics Features

There are numerous video analytic features developed that can track various behaviors:

  • Directional Motion

  • Adaptive Motion

  • Vibration Removal

  • Object Removal

  • Object Counting

  • Camera Sabotage

  • Abandoned Object

  • Loitering Detection

  • Stopped Vehicle

  • Auto Tracking

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