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Morphological Processing In Machine Learning

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Morphological Processing 

The recent impressive results of deep learning-based methods on computer vision applications brought fresh air to the research and industrial community. This success is mainly due to the process that allows those methods to learn data-driven features, generally based upon linear operations. However, in some scenarios, such operations do not have a good performance because of their inherited process that blurs edges, losing notions of corners, borders, and geometry of objects. Overcoming this, non-linear operations, such as morphological ones, may preserve such properties of the objects,

It's Uses And related works

  • Morphological Operators in Perceptrons

  • Morphological Operators in Deep Networks

Morphological Features

  • Notation

  • Operator Definitions

  • Alternate Sequential Filters (ASF)

  • Morphological back-propagation

  • Morphological layers

  • Initialization

  • Morphological Pooling layers

  • Morphological learned descriptor layer

It's Real Life Experiments In Deep Learning

  • Image classification with morphological pooling

  • Image Denoising

  • Edge detection

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