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Azure Machine Learning Studio

Hire Top Machine Learning experts 

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Azure Machine Learning Studio

What is a Azure Machine Learning Studio?

Azure Machine Learning can be used for any kind of machine learning, from classical ml to deep learning, supervised, and unsupervised learning. You can build, train, and track machine learning and deep-learning models in an Azure Machine Learning Workspace.

Features Of Azure Machine Learning Studio

  • Accelerate the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle

  • Boost productivity with machine learning for all skills

  • Operationalise at scale with MLOps

  • Build responsible machine learning solutions

  • Innovate on an open and flexible platform

ML Studio (classic) V/s Azure Machine Learning

ML Studio (classic)                                              Azure Machine Learning
  • Classic experience 

  • Unsupported

  • Scalable (10-GB training data limit)

  • Proprietary compute target, CPU support only

  • Not supported

  • Proprietary format, Studio (classic) only

  • Classic experience 

  • Fully integrated with Azure Machine Learning Python and R SDKs

  • Wide range of customizable training compute targets. Includes GPU and CPU support

  • Wide range of customizable deployment compute targets. Includes GPU and CPU support

  • Build flexible, modular pipelines to automate workflows

  • Multiple supported formats depending on training job type

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