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Unicode And Binary Files Assignment Using Python

Note: In order to do this week's assignment, you will need to download this file, extract its contents, and use it as a base for your assignment. In other words the three folders - fonts, images, and text_files - must all be stored at the root level of your project folder. You will add any other folder you need to (e.g. docs) as you go along.

For this assignment, you will need to submit a ZIP file containing all of the project files in this assignment that does the following:

  1. Opens up the XML file in the "text_files" folder

  2. Cleans out any non-ASCII characters from the file

  3. Saves the cleaned up file back to the file system under a new name

  4. Opens the cleaned up XML file

  5. For each employee in the XML file, adds name and title information to the file listed in the "profile_pic" field. All original images are stored in the "images" folder. All modified images must be stored under the "images/output_files/" folder

The rest of your implementation details are up to your discretion (including font, color, size, positioning), applying the things you have learned about Python so far. Please note, however, that you must organize any classes\functions you create into modules and produce documentation (using Pydoc) for your work using the principles discussed earlier in the class. Your code must also be flexible so it could handle any XML and set of images thrown at it.

Be sure to put comments in your code that clearly mark how you are performing your program logic. In the submission comments of this assignment, please place the repository URL of your file submission.

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