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Top 5 Projects Topics For Computer Science

List of large innovative project related to all programming language. We posses the greatest list of php projects for students, engineers and researchers.

List of Top 5 programming language

  • Java

  • Python

  • C++

  • C

  • Php


Java project Topics :

When the student is on the final semester, then it is necessary to know project topic so we can submit our project with good project choice.

  • Airline Reservation System in java

  • Bus and Rail Reservation System in java

  • Student Record Management system

  • Online Shopping in java

  • Bank Loan Management System in java

  • Library Management System in java

  • Boat Management System in java

  • Hospital Management System in java

  • Hostel Management System in java

  • Car Rent Booking System in java

  • Restaurant management System in java

Python Project Topics

  • Chatbot Using Dialogflow API And ROS

  • Chatbot Using Dialogflow API And Python

  • Alarm tool

  • File Manager

  • Expense Tracker

  • URL Shortener

  • Contact Book

  • Price Comparison App

  • Color detection using OpenCV

  • Web based place finder

  • Stock management System

C/C++ Project Topic:

  • Hotel management System

  • Snake game

  • Banking ATM

  • Traffic Signal

  • Student Management System

  • Movie Ticket booking

  • Railway reservation System

  • School management System

PHP Project Topics:

  • Bike and Scooter rental System

  • Collage social network project

  • Campus Recruitment System

  • Online Blood Bank Project

  • Student Information Chatbot

  • Mobile Store system

  • Crime rate prediction

  • Daily Expense tracker

.Net Project Topic:

  • Online Fee challan Generation

  • Online Lawyers application websites

  • Online Medicine donation system

  • Online free food delivery for competitive participating exam

  • Online free Coaching for below poverty line studentS

  • Credit Card Fraud detection

  • Sms Alert System

  • Online Crime investigation

  • E-learning Community

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