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Microsoft SQL Server Assignment Help

If you are looking for MS SQL Server Homework Help you have come to the right place. We offer the best Homework Help for SQL Server.

In many ways most of the databases are the same i.e., in terms of all of them being based on SQL queries to retrieve the required information.

SQL Server is a Microsoft database product and is widely used in the corporate world. Our Microsoft SQL Server Assignment help service is geared towards students who are weak in database course and need help. We have recruit and retain the best and brightest professionals in the database industry to provide you with excellent SQL Server Homework Help.

What is SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed and marketed by Microsoft. As a database server, the primary function of the SQL Server is to store and retrieve data used by other applications.

Features of MS SQL Server

  • MS SQL Server is implemented from the specification of RDBMS.

  • MS SQL Server is highly scalable.

  • MS SQL Server is platform independent.

  • MS SQL Server can be run on a single laptop or a network of cloud servers.

  • MS SQL Server is both a GUI and command based software.

SQL Server Assignment Help Topics

Querying data

how to query data from the SQL Server database from simple query that allows you to retrieve data from a single table.

Select – show you how to query data against a single table.

Sorting data

Order by – sort the result set based on values in a specified list of columns

Limiting rows

OFFSET FETCH: limit the number of rows returned by a query.

SELECT TOP – limit the number of rows or percentage of rows returned in a query’s result set.

Filtering data

  • Distinct

  • where

  • and

  • or

  • In

  • Between

  • Like

  • etc.

Joining tables

  • Inner Join

  • Left Join

  • Right Join

  • Cross Join

  • Self Join

Grouping data

  • Group By– group the query result based on the values in a specified list of column expressions.

  • Having – specify a search condition for a group or an aggregate.

  • Cube – generate grouping sets with all combinations of the dimension columns.

  • Roll Up – generate grouping sets with an assumption of the hierarchy between input columns.


Explain the subquery concept and show you how to use various subquery type to select data and correlated subquery

Exists – test for the existence of rows returned by a subquery.

Any – compare a value with a single-column set of values returned by a subquery and return TRUE the value matches any value in the set.

All – compare a value with a single-column set of values returned by a subquery and return TRUE the value matches all values in the set.

Set Operators

Set operators including union, intersect, and except to combine multiple result sets from the input queries.

  • Union – combine the result sets of two or more queries into a single result set.

  • Intersect – return the intersection of the result sets of two or more queries.

  • Except – find the difference between the two result sets of two input queries.

Common Table Expression (CTE)

CTE – use common table expressions to make complex queries more readable.

Recursive – query hierarchical data using recursive CTE.


convert rows to columns

Modifying data

The SQL commands for modifying data such as insert, delete, and update are referred to as data manipulation language (DML).

Insert – insert a row into a table

Insert Multiple Row– insert multiple rows into a table using a single INSERT statement

Insert into Select – insert data into a table from the result of a query.

Update – change the existing values in a table.

Update Join – update values in a table based on values from another table using JOIN clauses.

Delete – delete one or more rows of a table.

Merge – the steps of performing a mixture of insertion, update, and deletion using a single statement.


CASE: – add if-else logic to SQL queries by using simple and searched CASE expressions.

COALESCE: handle NULL values effectively using the COALESCE expression.

NULLIF: return NULL if the two arguments are equal; otherwise, return the first argument.

Microsoft SQL Server Assignment Help

 If you need our tutor to design a database and then implement it using Microsoft SQL Server we can do that  too. Our tutors can provide you with SQL Server Homework help right from creating a ER Diagram to creating tables etc.

Our Microsoft SQL Server Assignment help service helps you design the various entities and their relationships. Our tutors will essentially provide you with the best SQL Server Homework Help  service at the best price.

Advantages of using us for SQL Server Homework Help:

We business is open 24 hrs, 7 days a week to provide you with SQL Server Homework Help

  • We hire the best tutors in the database industry to provide you with top quality MS SQL Server Project Help

  • We deliver completed SQL Server Project on time every time

  • Our Microsoft SQL Server Homework Help service comes with a live support service which is available 24 X 7

  • We have a refund policy in place, which gives you a redressal mechanism in case you are not satisfied with our SQL Server Assignment Help service

  • Secure Paypal payment option for your Microsoft SQL Server Homework Help

  • We offer discounts to regular SQL Server Homework Help customers

  • We have a track record of providing Microsoft SQL Server Assignment help service to students from all over the world

Different Versions & Editions of SQL Server:

  • Microsoft SQL Azure Database – Cloud based version of SQL Server

  • Compact (SQL CE)

  • SQL Server Developer Edition

  • SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition

  • SQL Server Evaluation Edition

  • SQL Server Fast Track – Used for Entreprise scale data warehousing storage & Business intelligence processing

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) SQL Server

Do send us a email with the details of the project in which you need Microsoft SQL Server Homework Help. We would also need your deadline information in terms of date and timezone.

Once we have all the above information we will pass it to our SQL Server tutors and get back to you with a quote for providing SQL Server Assignment help.

Once you make the payment to us our tutor will start work on your SQL Server Homework and we will deliver the solutions to you as per our pre agreed deadline.

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