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Material Design

Material Design is a design language that Google developed in 2014. Expanding on the "card" motifs that debuted in Google Now, Material Design uses more grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows.

Create intuitive and beautiful products with Material Design

Before Getting Started

So, before going to start coding, we should have to understand the flow and basics we need to get started with today’s android tutorial!

Setup Material Dependency

So the first thing is that we need to add material design dependency in Android Studio at left menu Goto -> Gradle Scripts -> Build.gradle (Module: app) and add the dependency below inside dependency tags.


Change Theme to Material Components

As we have added the material dependency in our project and we want to design our screens using it. Then we have to change the theme as well for our project to make sure that it does not crash.

So to change the theme you have to Goto->app->res->values->styles.xml In that just change the parent values with below in double qoutes ” “


Create new activity

As we have not created Login activity yet so, first we have to create that activity in folder structure we created! Watch how?

To create a new activity Goto->App->Java->Project Folder and create a new activity here! If you are following our folder structure then inside Goto->Common->LoginSignup->Create

Add Shared Animation

To add a shared animation we have to assign same TransistionName to the elements want to animate using shared animation on both activities(Calling and Called).

Suppose we want to add animation to an Image, then we will add TransitionName to it which is “AnimateImage” then we have to use same name at called activity to complete the animation with same TransitionName “AnimateImage”.

As we know that the previous activity which is calling the login activity is Welcome Screen so we have to add the animation which on it’s onClick method when user click on the Login Button then we will add this code…

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