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Append data to a File using Nodejs

The fs.appendFile() method is used to asynchronously append the given data to a file. A new file is created if it does not exist.


fs.appendFile( path, data[, options], callback )


// Import the filesystem module
const fs = require("fs");
// Get the file contents before the append operation
  fs.writeFile("read.txt","today is monday", (err) => {

      console.log(" file is created")

  fs.appendFile('read.txt',"This is used for append text in to read.txt file", (err) => {
                 console.log("text appended");
// Get the file contents after the append operation 
 fs.readFile("read.txt","UTF-8",(err, data) =>{

Run Code

PS C:\node js\fsAsync> node index.js


today is monday:this is used for append text in to read.txt file

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