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Amazon Machine Learning studio

Hire Top Machine Learning experts 

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Amazon Machine Learning Studio

What is a Amazon Machine Learning Studio?

Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) is a robust, cloud-based service that makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use machine learning technology. Amazon ML provides visualization tools and wizards that guide you through the process of creating machine learning (ML) models without having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology.

Prediction capacities of Amazon ML are limited to three options: 

  • binary classification,

  • multiclass classification,

  • and regression.

Our AWS Machine Learning services

It covers lots of deep learning topics which is listed below:

  • Amazon SageMaker

  • Amazon Augmented AI

  • Amazon CodeGuru

  • Amazon Dev Ops Guru

  • Amazon Comprehend

  • Amazon Forecast

  • Amazon Fraud Detector

  • Amazon Kendra

  • Amazon Lex

  • Amazon Personalize

  • Amazon Polly

  • Amazon Recognition

  • Amazon Textract

  • Amazon Transcribe

  • Amazon Translate

  • Amazon DeepComposer

  • Amazon DeepLense

  • Amazon DeepRacer

  • Amazon Panorama

  • Amazon Monitron

  • Amazon HealthLake

  • Amazon Textract

  • Amazon Lookout For Vision

Key Concept Of Amazon Machine 

  • Datasources: contain metadata associated with data inputs to Amazon ML

  • ML Models generate predictions using the patterns extracted from the input data

  • Evaluations measure the quality of ML models

  • Batch Predictions asynchronously generate predictions for multiple input data observations

  • Real-time Predictions synchronously generate predictions for individual data observations

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